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Women 53Kg Result - Asian Championship 2015

Result - Women 53Kg

1st:  Daiz Hihilyn Francisco   S: 96Kg  -  C&J: 118Kg    Total:214kg

2nd: Kim Su Ryon                  S: 95Kg  -  C&J: 113Kg    Total:208Kg

3rd: Nguyen Thi Thuy            S: 84Kg  -  C&J: 112Kg    Total:196Kg

You can find the PDF format in the result section above.


Women 48Kg Result - Asian Championship 2015

Result Women 48Kg

1st:  Voung Thi Huyen         S: 86Kg  -  C&J: 104Kg  Total:190Kg

2nd: Tran Le Quoc Toan      S: 83Kg  -  C&J: 105Kg  Total:188Kg

3rd:  Kruauithong Sinphet    S: 80Kg  -  C&J: 107Kg  Total:187Kg

You can find the PDF format in the result section above.


Great hospitality by TAWA


Thailand Weightliftinng Assositation organized a great celebration for AWF members after the executive board meeting.

We would like to thanks MAJ. Gen. Intarat Yodbangtoey & Mrs Yodbangtoey Bossaba for hosting such a successful event. 


Men 56kg Result - Asian Championship 2015

Result Men 56Kg

1st:    Colonia Nestor Landag   S: 121Kg  -  C&J: 153Kg Total: 274Kg

2nd:  Tran Le Quoc Toan         S: 120Kg  -  C&J: 152Kg  Total: 272Kg

3rd:   Kruauithong Sinphet      S: 122Kg  -  C&J: 146Kg  Total: 268Kg

You can find the PDF format in the result section above.


A Succesful Executive Board Meeting | Thailand

AWF Executive Board meeting which held in Bangkok, Thailand from 6 till 8 March 2015 was a great succes for AWF and all the asian federations members.

The meeting was discuss on commission candidates, AWf constitution and rules, new AWFuniform and logo & financial terms.


Weightlifting sport added to the Asiada indoor games 2017

On behalf of AWF we would like to thanks the Turkmenistan Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport

for hosting a great successful conference which held in Shgabat from 2 to 4 April 2015 for Asiada 2017.

AWF had a great cooperation with the organizing committee beautiful hospitality during the visit.

All the respect and thanks to Mr AzatMoradov General Secretary of Turkmenistan Olympic Committee

and Mr Agabayev Bashim President of Turkmenistan Weightlifting Federation for them great effort and

support for the weightlifting sport and the great organizing for the event.

Mr Mohamed Hassan Jaloud General Secretary of AWF has attend the meeting regarding the Asiada 2017

which will be held in Shgabat, Turkmenistan.

Mr Mohamed Hassan Jaloud was the representative of  AWF during the conference and had a speech during

the meeting giving a briefing about the weightlifting sport in Asia and the achievement in the last few year.

It’s the first time weightlifting sport has been added to the Asian Indoor Games  which didn't happened

before during the last previous Asian Indoor games. that show how weightlifting start to take

a high priority and place between the sport in Asia.





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